Our marine fenders and bumpers have a wide range of applications in the naval sector. We have a wide range of marine fenders able to satisfy every type of request, from spare parts for a single boat, with fenders for ships, up to the construction of large ports, with fenders for ports. We put our 40 years of experience in the field of rubber processing at the service of a complex and highly specific sector such as the naval one, where it is essential for the customer to be able to deal with a reliable partner.

Our rubber fenders are made with the best compounds on the market, and meet the high quality standards of our company. We also have accessories for marine fenders on request, such as chains, screws and bolts, galvanized steel and stainless steel dock fixings.

We deliver our fenders throughout Europe and outside.

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Single Element Marine Fender

fenders for ships

D Fenders

D-shaped rubber fenders guarantee excellent protection against damage caused by boats of all sizes and shapes. The flat back allows for easy mounting on flat surfaces.

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Wing Fender

Wing fenders are a variant of D-shaped fenders with an enlarged bearing surface, and are often used as an alternative to them. This type of fender is sometimes mounted on a profile or a metal plate.

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Square Fenders

Square fenders are mainly used where optimal stiffness is required. The square section provides more resistant edges which make them more suitable where greater mechanical resistance is needed.

cylindric fender

Cylindric fender

The wide choice of dimensions and lengths makes it highly versatile, and suitable for the protection of docks for mooring large and small ships. These fenders are easy to install and to replace if necessary.

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Arch Fender

Arch fenders are increasingly used in recent years. Their robust construction and their simplicity and versatility make them suitable for a large variety of moorings and pontoons, even in the most adverse conditions.

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Tugs Fenders

Tugboat fenders have specific sections that make them suitable for this particular type of need. These special profiles are suitable for providing a response of high mechanical impact resistance.

Assembled Fenders

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Cell Fender

The cell fender has a very high level of energy absorption per unit of weight. In combination with the cell fender, a front panel made of metal and UHMW-PE is used.

Trelleborg Fenders

Cone Fender

The cone fender is among all the ones with the highest level of energy absorption and the least reaction force. Our conical fenders made by molding are  very robust, durable and easy to install.

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"Unit Element" modular fender

The “Unit Element” modular rubber fenders can be combined in different types of assemblies to suit a wide range of applications. The versatility of the “Unit Element” fenders makes them suitable for almost any application.

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Wheel Fender

Wheel fenders are generally intended to steer vessels into confined spaces such as dry docks. They can also be used in corners and on harbor entrances to prevent damage to the hull of incoming vessels.

Floating Fenders

pneumatic fenders

Pneumatic Fenders

Pneumatic fenders are ideal for permanent and semi-permanent port applications and offshore ship-to-ship transfers. Quick and easy to install, they ensure that large distances are maintained between the hull and the dock or between the hull and other vessels.

foam fenders

Foam Fenders

A floating foam fender is made with a closed cell foam core covered with a layer of polyurethane reinforced with nylon filaments: there is no it's air inside, so there's no risk of it getting punctured and sinking in the water.

Accessories for fenders

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Steel panels

These steel panels and relative PE-UHMW coating are mounted on the top of the cell, cone, and “Unit Element“ fenders, and are used to distribute the reaction forces from the rubber element to the ship's hull.


Chains and accessories

In this section you will find chains, shackles, tensioners in galvanized steel and stainless steel, necessary for the assembly and fixing of our fenders. U-anchors and plate anchors for screw mounting are also available.